Psychology Publications was established with the primary goal of providing South African Psychology students with relevant learning material. Most departments of psychology in our country prescribe several foreign and largely irrelevant textbooks for their students. The inevitable result is that South African students are often not prepared sufficiently for the unique multicultural situation awaiting them. We trust that colleagues will contribute to our endeavour by publishing relevant textbooks in all the major fields of South African psychology.

The foundation of Psychology Publications was also motivated by additional factors such as the prices of academic textbooks. Because of factors such as the exchange rate, the prices of foreign textbooks are often out of reach for many students. We aim to make academic textbooks available at a more affordable price.

We acknowledge that English has become the lingua franca in academic circles, both nationally and internationally. However, the importance of home language education is well known, and we fully support it. Therefore, we shall endorse any initiative to translate the books into other indigenous languages, should the market justify it.

Suggestions and recommendations to support and expand our goals would be more than welcome.